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When a tax return is ready for efile, you will submit it to the back office for Review for further duelegence.

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What is Taxnology?


Taxnologyis a tax preparation platform that can be scaled into a business for individuals seeking entrepreneurship opportunities. Our mission is to reimagine the path to financial liberation. This platform was created to simplify income tax preparation that can be utilized by the preparer that decides to turn this virtual tax system into a thriving business. Taxnologyis forself motivated entrepreneurs looking to create a tax preparation business whether alone or with a team. When you buy a Taxnology Box you are not only buying a proven and recession proof business, you're buying into a process that focuses on getting you up and running quickly so you can start earning revenue from day one. And because tax preparation is a service-based and seasonal business, inventory and overhead are low.

By purchasing the Taxnology Box you receive supporting tools thatsafe guardsyour business and verifies all tax returns that get sent to Main Office beforee-filed. You are In controlofAllTax Preparation Charges and fees charged to client services. All Education system will beemplaced toeducate you on Updated Tax Laws/Tax Filing Procedures, and Tax Business Management.

Why Join Taxnology

Small Investment

The tools provided in this system will allow you to make your small investment back with less than 10 Clients. We will help you get your first 50


The Business is in aindustries that canthrive during rotten economic times. Almost every U.S. Citizen is required to file taxes.


Taxnology is scalable to the preparer. One can file a few tax returns during the Tax Season. To creating a Team and filing over a thousand returns.


Tax Preperation is a season business. So you will be able to implement this business regardless of career path.


Times are changing. Taxnology alows you to prepare taxes where ever you are at with internet conntection. Follow our virtual system and you won't need to leave the house.

Tax Preparation Made Simple

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